who we are

From wiring new luxury apartments to serving domestic and commercial customers throughout North London, House Rescue has been creating happy customers since 2015.

We are NICEIC approved, Gas Safe registered, Corgi certified as well as Part P Electrical safety installers and City & Guilds qualified. Subcontracting for companies such as Bellway Homes – one of the most successful home builders in the UK – is a reflection of the quality, reliability and standard of our work.

Our happy and growing customer base is a reflection of the fact that we maintain the same level of care, attention and professionalism whether we're undertaking work for a household name or whether we're taking care of any small job.

Our happy customers are what keeps us doing what we excel at, and our skills are what enables us to serve them at the highest level. Here are just a few good reasons why you can rely on us to take care of your jobs:

  • We have already earned the trust of household names who require a very high standard of service and reliability.
  • We consider every job, small or big (try us…)
  • We offer a 100% guarantee on all our work. If you're not completely satisfied, we will redo the work. Simple.
  • We are happy to work around your schedule. We understand that you have things to do and places to be, and we're not one of those companies that expect you to put life on hold from 8am to 6pm (when it's convenient for them and not you). We love to talk to our customers and understand how best we can serve them, and that includes setting out a schedule that works for everybody.
  • We are friendly (we think that matters a lot). It saddens us when customers tell us of previous experiences when the person they trusted into their home was withdrawn and silent. It makes everybody uncomfortable and we think that's unacceptable. Part of our service is making sure our customers feel glad they called us out. It's why we got into business in the first place!
  • We are punctual. And we all know how difficult that is when you're driving around North London! We're trusted by household names because we ensure we turn up in time every time to protect that trust. And we're trusted by great customers because we go the extra mile every time to ensure we never let them down and compromise their schedule.
  • We offer an emergency callout 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That's right: we are there, always, whenever you need us.
  • We keep ahead of the curve. We're already accruing new qualifications for electrical work and rolling out installations for electric car charging (domestic and commercial) as well as focusing on areas such as solar panelling.
  • Our services include a wide range of jobs, including electrical, plumbing, carpentry and joinery, doors and windows, flooring and tiling, painting and decorating, security and fire alarm installations, outdoor work (inc security lights) handyman services and more.

Domestic and Commercial Customers, Landlords, Letting Agents and Subcontractors… We Serve Them All.

We believe that there is a certain appeal to having an all-round, qualified, well-trusted and friendly professional taking care of that small job for you - whatever it is. We wouldn't settle for less either, given the choice.

Likewise, we know the piece of mind that we bring landlords and letting agents who need repairs or testing and the issuing of safety certificates to ensure they are complying with UK law and providing tenants with fit-to-live in homes.

The reason we treat everybody equally is simple: we don't look at ‘the job'. We see only the customer: a person who has a problem that we can fix for them.

We don't check people's home wiring because we're electricians: we check wiring to make sure they are safe inside their home.

We don't fix plumbing issues because we're plumbers: we fix them because heat is a basic and essential need and nobody should go without.

What to do next…

We are ready when you are. Give us a call and let's have a friendly chat. Ask us anything you want to know. Tell us about the issues you're facing and let us advise you.

We are not sales people: there's nobody at the other end of the phone waiting to take payment or convince you of anything.

We are House Rescue. Trusted and appreciated by our great customers. Certified, qualified, professional… people, waiting to help other people like you.