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Looking for an electrician in Islington and surrounding areas? We deliver that and much more. Our fully qualified and professional electrical services cater to every need and include a fast response along with 24x7 callouts. As an insurance approved provider of electrical services, we also service private landlords and letting agents, helping them meet the current legal requirements and ensure that all electrical certified safety standards are met throughout their properties without exception. Some of the general electrical services, as well as electrical services for landlords and letting agents we provide include:

Tenants: Always Be Safe, Not Sorry - If in Doubt, Call us Out

We always advise all our customers never to take a chance when it comes to electrics. If you experience issues with any of your electrical devices or appliances, or you suspect that something is not working as it should, contact us and use our professional service to test, fault-find and carry out any repairs to a high professional standard in order to ensure your safety and peace of mind. If you’re unsure about anything, feel free to call us and ask for a professional opinion.

Urgent Electrical Safety Inspections for Landlords in Islington and North London to Help You Stay Legal

If you’re a landlord, we provide a service specifically geared to helping you ensure that you’re not exposed to financial risk and criminal prosecution when it comes to meeting all legally-required electrical standards and specifications across your lettings.

Landlords: Avoid Invalidated Insurances, Fines and Legal Prosecution - Get Your Electrical Safety Certification

Landlords who fail to ensure that their properties are fully and adequately tested risk everything, from void insurances to fines and legal prosecution due to negligence. If you’re letting a home, we can carry out the various tests and basic safety checks you need in order to meet your legal obligations to validate that your property is fit for purpose and your tenants have a safe place to live. If you have multiple tenants, the required inspections must be carried out on your property every 5 years. Our maintenance service for landlords and letting agents ensures that your properties and electrical appliances are serviced on a regular basis - and as needed - to ensure you remain legally covered. If you’re unsure of your legal requirements or concerned about any installation, contact us - we’re here to help you

Basic Safety Electrical Check Recommendations for Landlords and Tenants

We always recommend that you have a registered electrician carry out safety tests on your lettings. Failure to employ a qualified professional can invalidate your insurances and put you at risk. When it comes to electrics, always use a professional electrician.

Insurances and Guarantees

We have full liability insurance to carry out various types of work on any premises. All our work is carried out to a high standard of excellence and fully guaranteed, bringing you total peace of mind and reassurance.

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